• As is evident from his life history Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Hasan Chishti (R.A.) is reported to have performed two Hajj pilgrimages to Mecca before coming out to India. But the Hajis (pilgrims who visit Mecca during the Hajj) who undertook pilgrimage to MECCA during Khwaja Saheb’s stay in Ajmer bore evidence to the fact on their return to Indian that they saw the great saint in Mecca personally during the Hajj every year. It was indeed one of his marvellous miracles. How could he do this feat in the absence of any modern means of transport 700 years ago, is a mystery beyond human perception and yet it is a fact corroborated by eye witness and history. During the Hajj period, he was seen both in Ajmer and MECCA.
  • • Once a person appeared before Hazrat Khwaja Saheb and pretended to say that he was eager to pay his homage to the great saint on that particular day. The Khwaja Saheb replied "Here I am, but first fulfill your promise that brings you here". The man began to tremble with the idea that his secret was out before he could act and, admitting his guilt, he at once offered his profound apologies. As a matter of fact, this man was a hireling of some of the enemies of Khwaja Saheb and had come with the precise intention of murdering the holy saint, a fact which the great saint came to know by his intuitive powers. The man prayed for the pardon of the saint who forgave him magnanimously. The men then embraced Islam and became one of the devoted `mureeds’ of Khwaja Moinuddin(R.A.) for the rest of his life.
  • • One day Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Hasan Chishti (R.A) was sitting on the bank of the ‘Anasagar Lake’ at Ajmer. A shepherd-boy happened to pass before him with a herd of young cows who had not yet acquired their maturity. The Khwaja Saheb asked the boy for some milk from his herd. The boy took it to be a joke and said, "Baba they are all young calf of immature age; they do not yield any milk at this age." The Khwaja Saheb smiled and, pointing towards a young cow, said, "I would like to drink the milk of that cow, go and milk her." The boy obeyed rather hesitatingly. When he went to milk this particular cow, he was simply astonished to find her teats fully developed and over-flowing with milk. The boy filled several receptacles with milk which 40 persons drank to their full satisfaction. He was so much impressed by this strange miracle that he became great devotee of Khwaja Saheb.
  • • One day, ‘mureed’ (disciple) of Khwaja Saheb came to him and complained, "Sir, the governor of the city has made my life most miserable by intolerable harassment so much so that today he has order my banishment from the city." The Khwaja Saheb replied, "But where is he now, he has already been punished by God?" When the man returned to his home, he heard the news of the governor’s sudden death due to a fall from his horse while hunting.
  • One day a waiting old woman came to Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Hasan Chishti (R.A.) who was busy with his ‘wazu’ (ablution). The woman complained that the governor of the city had murdered her son without any fault and that she had come to him to beg for justice. The Khwaja Saheb, after finishing with his ‘wazu’ picked up his ‘asa-e-mubarak’ (holy staff) and went out with the old lady to go to the place where the murdered corpse of her son was lying. His close devotees also followed him in attendance. The Khwaja Saheb placed the severed heard in its proper position on the body of the murdered young man and prayed to the Almighty God, "O ALLAH, if this man was murdered with any fault, then grant him his life". After this prayer, the Khwaja Saheb put his staff on the corpse and said, "Get up by the command of ALLAH if you are innocent." The young man got up, hale and hearty, and the next moment both he and his old mother fell down at the feet of the great saint of Ajmer in solemn gratitude.
  • Says Hazrat Khwaja Qutubuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki (R.A.) “I never saw Khwaja Saheb angry with anyone as long as i remained with him. One day, Khwaja Saheb accompanied me and a person ‘Sheikh Ali’ was going out. Suddenly a man caught holds Sheikh Ali of his clothes and started abusing him. Hazrat Khwaja Garib Nawaz (R.A) asked the reason of the dispute. He said “Sheikh Ali is debtor and is not repaying the amount given to him." Khwaja Saheb said, "Leave him. He will repay your debt." But the man again insisted. So Khwaja Saheb (R.A) spread his shawl on the ground and asked to take from the shawl amount equal to the debt and warned not to take more than debt. The man picked up the money certainly more than the debt and soon his hand dried up. So he started crying and asked for mercy. Khwaja Saheb pardoned him and his hand recovered. The man immediately became the disciple of Khwaja Saheb (R.A).
  • Once, Hazrat Khwaja Qutubuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki (R.A.) was meeting with the king in the fort of Delhi. The other officials were also present there. Suddenly a characterless woman came there and asked justice. She requested the king to get her married, since she was under the state of mental pain. The king asked her to whom she wanted to be married, and which sort of agony she is facing, she said, "The fellow who is very close to you and called himself as “Qutub” has raped me. As a result I am pregnant. “Hearing the entire episode, all those present were shocked. They pulled down their heads with shame. Hazrat Khwaja Qutubuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki (R.A.) was also ashamed. He could do nothing but he turned his face towards Ajmer and called Khwaja Saheb (R.A) for his help. As and when Khwaja Saheb (R.A) heard cry of his dear disciple for help, he immediately reached there. He asked Qutub Saheb (R.A), "What is the matter? Hazrat Khwaja Qutubuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki (R.A.) could not speak a single word and tears started rolling out of his eyes. The episode was revealed to Khwaja Saheb (R.A).

All this made Khwaja Saheb (R.A) very much angry. He turned to the crooked lady and said “O child, inside womb, your mother has alleged that Hazrat Khwaja Qutubuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki (R.A.) is your father. Tell whether it is true?"

There was a clear voice, from inside the womb, heard by all present there. The child said, the statement is all wrong. The woman is a prostitute and has been sent by the enemies of Hazrat Khwaja Qutubuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki (R.A.) to insult and defame him." All the people were much surprised on hearing all about. The woman himself admitted her false allegation.

Khwaja Saheb (R.A) said, only Allah can award honour and repute." And then he returned. Except Hazrat Khwaja Qutubuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki (R.A.) all were much surprised on arrival and disappearance of Khwaja Saheb (R.A).

  • It was the assembly of the saints. Everyone of them agreed to show his miracles. Thus Hazrat Khwaja Usman Harooni (R.A) turned his Musallah and took out some pieces of gold and gave them to a Durvesh and asked him to bring some sweets for all present there. Sheikh Ohuddin Kirmani (R.A) touched a piece of wood and it turned into gold.
  • When “Khwaja Usman Harooni (R.A)” insisted, Khwaja Garib Nawaz (R.A) knew through Divine inspiration that one of the persons of the present assembly is hungry but could not tell others because of modesty. Thus Khwaja Saheb (R.A) took out four barley ‘Rotis’ and put them before the person.
  • One day, Khwaja Saheb (R.A) was sitting among the disciples and preaching. Suddenly he saw something on his right side. He stood up as paying respect to somebody. It happened again and again as and when he glanced towards right side. When the assembly was over and people left away, one of his servants asked the reason as to why he had been standing up repeatedly on having a look at right side. Khwaja Saheb (R.A) said, "The Mazar of my ‘Peer-o-Murshid’ is located in that direction. As I looked towards that direction, the ‘Mazar’(Shrine) came before my eyes, so I stood up to offer respect."
  • It will be useful to state here that the miracles always happen in all ages to reveal to and remind" the universe that there is a Supreme power (divinity) in the universe. The Almighty has ever warned mankind not to transgress the limits of mankind, otherwise they will go astray.
  • When “Mr. Tunku Abdul Rehman” was campaigning for his election as Premier without any hope of success, his Holiness Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Hasan Chishti (R.A) commanded a local fakir in dream three times continuously to go to “Tunku Abdul Rehman” and inform him that he would win the election provided he promised to pay a visit to Ajmer Sharif for a Ziyarat of the Khwaja Saheb’s Shrine. When the local fakir communicated this message to Tunku, he took the dream to be whimsical joke of the ‘faqir’. On the whole, he promised rather half-heartedly to go to Ajmer, if he succeeded. At last “Tunku Abdul Rehman” succeeded in his mission and became the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Later, “Tunku Abdul Rehman” along with his wife paid a visit to the Holy shrine for a Ziyarat on 25th October 1962. He becomes the royal guest of the Government of India. It is surprising that the Tunku did not even know the full name of Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti (R.A), much less his Biography.

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